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I’m a serial entrepreneur who has launched and run several successful businesses of my own since age 8. After running a successful MSP of my own for 10 years, I founded Orange Nomad to help MSPs, small businesses and entrepreneurs bridge the gap between strategy and execution. I enjoy the challenge of working with the smaller firms. All my life I’ve had to build something from nothing, and that’s what I’ve gotten really great at – scrappy, creative and really, really smart strategy coupled with hard work.

I love helping the ’underdog.’ When a client comes to me with a story about how I’ve helped them finally get the financial success they so desperately needed, or that I’ve helped their business grow, I’m totally fulfilled. That gives me far more personal gratification than helping a $20 million dollar firm generate an increase in sales. I’ve built my business from nothing and know how hard it can be to start and grow a business when you’ve got no money, no help and the world on your shoulders. I’m proud to be that “guiding force” to help my clients enjoy the same level of success I’ve been able to achieve myself.

Personal Note

The three things I’m most passionate about are: cars, technology and the color Orange. My life as an entrepreneur, strategist and speaker has afforded me the opportunity to travel a good bit. So, combining my love of Orange and my digital “nomadic” lifestyle seemed appropriate as the name of my newest venture. Never hesitate to introduce yourself to me when you see me out and about. I’m nice. Promise. (Don’t let my haircut intimidate you) You can also connect with me online using the links below.


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What I Do When I Fail

I fail at things much more than you might imagine, given that I’ve started and run numerous businesses since age 8. I’ve had businesses that were unsuccessful, and it feels just as horrible for me as it does for anyone else as a serial entrepreneur. I get down on myself, feel guilty, try to avoid thinking about it, and would rather hide it from everyone else. Failing at things can really suck. And yet, I get back up and try again. I fail at eating healthy on a regular basis, but I keep trying again. I’m pretty good these days at sticking to a sleeping plan, but I failed and tried again, regularly, for years and years.  Not getting enough rest as an entrepreneur is highly detrimental. I’ve made several attempts at writing the book I’m writing now, and scrapped it all each time because it didn’t feel right. And yet, I started again, and I still continue to work on it. I fail at being content. But I don’t give up on that. I fail at being a good dad, seemingly multiple times a day. But I continue to try, and sometimes I succeed. When I try over and over again, once in awhile I succeed. So what’s the secret? Well, there isn’t one. You just have to keep trying. That said, here’s what I’ve found to work: I learned a more flexible mindset. When you are rigidly trying to stick to a plan or achieve a goal, and things don’t go according to plan, then you feel like crap and things can get derailed. But if you have a more flexible mindset, and think, “Done is better than perfect,” then it’s not a disaster when you get off track. There’s no single track that you have to stay on. I came...

08 December
Thoughtful Thursday: Practicing Slowness & Being Present

In our rush to get through the tasks of our day, to complete our errands and answer emails, to look at the next video or Facebook post … when do we think we’ll find happiness? If it’s not here right now, when will it come? Maybe we think it’ll come when we improve our lives, or meet our goals, or succeed at our business. Maybe it’ll come when we go on that next trip, or when we find time to relax. Maybe tomorrow. Or we could try this: Slow down instead of rushing. Pause to savor the current moment. Really notice everything about the moment, and find small things to appreciate. Be grateful for what there is right here, right now. Allow the things that are bothering you to just be in your life, without fighting with them, without pushing them away. Don’t allow little things to offend you. They’re not worth ruining this moment. These are all things we already know. But we don’t actually do them. The key here is practice. If you don’t practice being present, slowing down, enjoying the moment right now, when will you practice? What are you practicing now instead? Start your practice this moment. ‘When you live completely in each moment, without expecting anything, you have no idea of time.’ ~Shunryu Suzuki

03 December
[LIVE WEBINAR] “How Forward-Thinking MSPs Are Using LinkedIn To Keep Their Sales Pipeline Full”

FREE Executive Webinar for MSP Owners, Marketing Managers and MSP Sales   “How Forward-Thinking MSPs Are Using LinkedIn To Keep Their Sales Pipeline Full” WHEN: Thursday, November 19 at 1:00PM EST SEATING IS EXTREMEMLY LIMITED!  CLAIM YOUR SEAT TODAY!! Here are the full details and registration: http://linkedinformsps.com/linkedin-for-msps-webinar/ During this event I’ll be covering important new information on what you need to know about how to maximize LinkedIn, as well as: How to develop a LinkedIn OIL WELL Learn how busy MSPs like yours can create a SYSTEMATIC approach to convert cold prospects into warm leads. The Exact Script I’ll be giving away the exact script that you can use to achieve a 70% hit rate even with the most high-level decision makers. Getting Targeted Referrals A step-by-step strategy for getting targeted referrals and how effective it is at opening conversations with potential clients. Staying Top Of Mind How to stay TOP OF MIND with the most influential people in your network for years to come. When they need IT expertise, you’re the ONLY one they think of. If you want to make sure you have a LinkedIn strategy as part of your 2016 marketing plan, you need to be here: http://linkedinformsps.com/linkedin-for-msps-webinar/ This event is free to you, but you must register soon because seating is limited. SEATING IS EXTREMEMLY LIMITED!  CLAIM YOUR SEAT TODAY!! Here are the full details and registration: http://linkedinformsps.com/linkedin-for-msps-webinar/ Hope to “see” you there. Andrew Moon Orange Nomad | LinkedIn For MSPs

06 November
[WARNING] In case you missed it last week: Here’s the story of my wild ride as an MSP

Last week I had a chance to chat with Joe Panettieri, Co-founder, Content Czar at ChannelE2E.  He’s covered the #MSP channel for quite some time.  We’ve recently connected via social media.  He had heard about my wild ride in IT for the past 20 years.  Telling my story to someone outside my family was quite therapeutic.  I hope there is something fellow MSPs, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to learn a little bit about the people behind their IT can take away from my story.  I welcome comments, feedback and snide remarks 😉  Enjoy! Story originally posted at: https://www.channele2e.com/2015/10/30/after-the-exit-one-msps-wild-ride/ ——————————————————————– After The Exit: One MSPs Wild Ride Andrew Moon has faced major adversity at least three times. The long-time entrepreneur and IT service provider navigated the dot-com bubble of 2000, the financial crisis of 2008 and his own health scare about a year ago. So what did he learn along the way? Perhaps most of all: It was time to get to know his son. Moon’s IT journey began in the late 1990s. A veteran of the car industry, he built an IT service provider that rode the dot-com wave — until his dot-com customers all imploded within three months of each other in 2000 or so. Suddenly, “there were no clients, there was no revenue,” says Moon. He retreated to the car industry but by 2004 Moon and his wife had a son. The 70- to 80-hour work week in the car industry wasn’t conducive to family life. So he regrouped and did a personal pivot. Again. Back into the IT industry and a reboot for his Network Logix business. Starting with Manage Services For about six to eight months in 2004 and 2005, Moon experimented with flat-rate services pricing. It was the early days of managed services. He reached back into the 1990s, and tried to apply some...

04 November


“Orange Is The Color Of A Good Mood”

Andrew Moon

How I Can Help

Starting, growing, and helping other businesses is my passion.

Entrepreneur Mindset

Your mind either gets in the way or it enables you.  Break down your mind and rebuild it for success.  

Systems Analysis

Take a deep breath.  Workflow, IT systems, all the tech stuff.  I’ll analyze the hard stuff, and help you work more efficiently.

Idea Extraction

I help you master the art of extracting all the ideas floating around in your head, and turn them into actionable items.


If you’re not growing, your dying.  I’ll help you manage and scale your operations without losing your sanity.

Mapping Your Processes

I will help you develop a process for each phase of your business in order to produce a defined set of results.  Process = control.


I’ll give you the resources you need to make sure you are working on the most important things to maximize success.



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